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One of my friends took his senior pictures that other day

Yaaaas Martin.

Confession: I lost my first kiss when I was 18….

That moment when you forgot whether or not you put on deodorant….

Pretty sure Mathew Gray Gubler is LVAs mascot.

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Can I take a moment to appreciate Tyler (Tyra Banks). He helped me become fabulous during my D.C. trip last year and I’m glad he is well loved.
All Nations was a great turn out! Got there at 4 and left at 8. Worked two shifts with Jackie and it was super duper fun. Although it started off a little slow, it gradually picked up pace and was really fun. It was a great way to start the holiday season. :D

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have you ever stopped liking somebody that you liked a lot and suddenly notice that they are a shitty person and realize how blinded you were by how much you liked them


-Every phoenix at frs

Youve earned all of this. Youve earned my attitude. My disgust. My anger. My hate. Everything. Everything is aimed towards you. I fucking hate you. I fucking hate your existence now. It is not funny anymore. If you fucking offend something I hold dear to my heart….I will never consider you as a fucking human being to me anymore. So here’s a big fuck you.
I wish I could smash your face in the concrete. I can’t even think of you because it makes me sick. Way to go. You made the one person who liked you hate your fucking guts.

I personally think that LVA is one of the few schools that will tear… rip…SHRED..COMPLETELY ANNIHILATE an entire group’s friendship. Don’t go to lva with your close friends. Don’t go to high school with your close friends because somewhere along the line, you are going to fall apart and maybe hate each other’s guts. Not saying that it only happens at my school or that this happens to everyone, I’ve just seen it happen way faster here than other schools. These freshmen are already dispersing. lmfao.

It’s exactly like Mean Girls tbh… 

The cliques are exactly like mean girls. Especially since you have majors to separate each other, there’s bound to be a fall out here or there. Plus, you’re dealing with a shit load of pre-pubescent, dramatic, gay, diva-esque underclassmen who think they’re the ‘best of the best’….there is definitely bound to be a fall out.

Just saying, branch out. Make new friends. Don’t jump into an environment completely out of your comfort zone, or hop on the bandwagon to go to a school just because your friends want you to. Do it for you. Go for your interests. Don’t follow anyone else. Do you. It’s best.  

Gonna just forget that everything happened. :)

Helping out with orientation was super fun! Great way to start off the year and these kids are a great time. 💕#LVsuperA #teamVENOM #lva #sweg #guam #lol

Helping out with orientation was super fun! Great way to start off the year and these kids are a great time. 💕#LVsuperA #teamVENOM #lva #sweg #guam #lol

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