Aysus Jelly

Never fucking lie to me.

"Everything is temporary"
I hear and see it everywhere. I get it.

A big shout out to all my friends that make me feel like everything’s okay when everything is actually falling apart. You go skwad lol

First time in a purikura with the gang :)

I always want to diet when I’m on my period!!!!!

I still can’t believe Stacen and I finished 13 plates of sushi… That has to be a record or something bc I was fucking dying D;

That accelerator on that car was sex…
Him not knowing how to turn the lights off was not. LOL

My momma dang took all my money again darn

You know for once, I wish someone liked me for me and not for my friends.
Just once, can someone like me…

This might peeve me the most but I hate hate hate hate when people ‘K’ me. Bruh! T-T

Damn right I’m gonna be a baby about this. You know why?! Because I’m fucking allowed to be biotch! COME AT MEH BRUH

I hate being played…. Fuck you.

Indulges in bad food bc aims to have a heart attack to not deal with ppl in life ugh

Probs going to die alone… Sad face