Aysus Jelly

Damn right I’m gonna be a baby about this. You know why?! Because I’m fucking allowed to be biotch! COME AT MEH BRUH

I hate being played…. Fuck you.

Indulges in bad food bc aims to have a heart attack to not deal with ppl in life ugh

Probs going to die alone… Sad face

You ever feel like you’re so close to something but in reality you’re so far? Like you finally feel complete, but there is that inevitable void that you acknowledge but find difficulty in filling it. That’s my life right now. It sucks ass.

Alwys remember 😪

Alwys remember 😪

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I like you kid…

Throwback to junior year…

Throwback to junior year…

Going into lva, you’re bound to come out a hipster, lgbt, or a douche.

I guess I’m starting to like him like that. I’m not sure.
I’ll just keep it professional LOLOL

Kathryn why you hating on TMNT
I was a skeptic at first but it proved me wrong ahur wow meanie princesskathrynjones

Tbh I’d watch TMNT again.

I still smell like him