Aysus Jelly

I just wanna kill them all…

cute bums are the best bums LOLOLOL

Only do my friends tell me that they just had sex. Always LOLOL

Constant yelling in this house.

I’m beyond angry.
You know it’s fucking bad when tears start coming out.

That’s probably why it’s so hard for me to like someone; because I have guard up so high, I can’t even get myself over it. I’m so afraid of getting hurt, I’ll never be able to risk any chances worth taking.

Gotta listen to Stacen lol
“You don’t need a man to be happy”
Mhm that’s right mhm yesss~

I am attracted to dorky nerds. The real kind. The actual nerds. Why.

He’s my guilty pleasure.

When they laugh, it makes it all better. :)


Goodnight too fucking fucker.

yay. One more.

alek I fucking swear I hate you so much right now ughhhhhhhhhh

Late night impulses.
I don’t know why I am crying.