Aysus Jelly

I’m beyond angry.
You know it’s fucking bad when tears start coming out.

That’s probably why it’s so hard for me to like someone; because I have guard up so high, I can’t even get myself over it. I’m so afraid of getting hurt, I’ll never be able to risk any chances worth taking.

Gotta listen to Stacen lol
“You don’t need a man to be happy”
Mhm that’s right mhm yesss~

I am attracted to dorky nerds. The real kind. The actual nerds. Why.

He’s my guilty pleasure.

When they laugh, it makes it all better. :)


Goodnight too fucking fucker.

yay. One more.

alek I fucking swear I hate you so much right now ughhhhhhhhhh

Late night impulses.
I don’t know why I am crying.

The more you talk about it the more I want to kill myself

They talk about it like it’s religion.

Real talk though. Sammi’s one of the few people I would have never expect to get close to. She’s a real genuine and whole hearted person. She’s gonna go far in life. I really hope she does.

My stomach is making whistle noises…